Chris Criddle

Chris Criddle present's the Breeze weekend breakfast shows. Chris has been part of radio across Somerset and Dorset for the last 15 years and loves this part of the country.  

What was the first single you ever bought? "My Mum and Dad let me play all their records when I was growing up  and used to take me to the record shop to buy their favourites. That is why I have Cliff Richard in my record collection!!”

What’s your favourite album? "Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life. I’m a big fan of Stevie Wonder and this to me is the album.”

What’s been your most memorable interview on the radio? "Leslie Grantham. He came into the radio station and gave a 'warts and all' account of his life. Although he was very candid, he did however, save the real juicy bits for when the microphone wasn’t on, and, if you ply me with enough drink, I may just reveal those extra bits! Oh, and by the way, there are still pictures of that day on his website”

Who’s been your favourite person to see in concert? Well, as I’ve missed out on every opportunity to see Stevie Wonder live, it would have to be Lionel Richie. A great performer and a brilliant catalogue of songs.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? This doesn’t answer the question but I do have to tell this story. I once interviewed Katie Price at a book signing. The book signing was delayed, firstly due to her turning up two hours late, and secondly,  because her security team had gone to the wrong place. Instead of going to Yeovil, they went to... THE OVAL. The story made Page 3 of The Sun, I didn’t !

Apart from presenting a show on the radio, what else do you like to do?  "I love to go cycling but have to admit I am a fair weather cyclist. We have some fantastic countryside here and I love to cycle the more quieter routes and just take in the great views. Just one word of warning, I do wear cycling shorts, so although the views I see are fantastic, I’m afraid your view of me won’t be!”

Listen to Chris Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7am.



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